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If you have sunken foundations that result in cracked floors and walls, pavements or driveways, we can fix it!

Resinject raise and re-level sunken foundations, re-level concrete slabs, cracked footpaths, factory floors and subsiding roads by injecting polyurethane resin into voids between the top of the ground strata and the base of the slab, footing or foundation.  We can also fill voids and cavities arising from washout and subsidence.

Whether for the mining, civil, residential, industrial or commercial environment – the Resinject method is quick, convenient and non–toxic with minimum disruption and maximum cost effectiveness.  The Resinject method only requires a minimal point of injection direct to the affected area.

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Resinject is solely Australian owned and operated. We service all areas of NSW, QLD and ACT.

It is our aim to provide a professional, top quality and efficient job. All of our work is carried out by our own trained professionals, so you can be assured of quality knowledge and experience every time. The Resinject “resin injection” method is a very cost effective and efficient solution compared to alternative processes.

Our standard resins are fast setting and durable, and all work undertaken is done so with minimal disruption to the work site or residents. Thorough ground testing is carried out prior to injection allowing us to target areas of weak ground for stabilisation and consolidation and further ground tests are carried out post injection to confirm the effectiveness of the consolidation. Resinject utilise specialised measuring equipment to monitor exact movement when lifting and rotating structures for maximum effectiveness.

2018 June – NSW Stanmore To Andy Evans and all the team at Resinject, a belated thank you for your hard work, expertise, honesty and professionalism. About five years ago we had cracking and settlement issues in our 100 year old house rectified using the Resinject process. We were relieved when Andy and his skilled team, working methodically and with great care, raised the problem area of the house back up until all the cracking had closed. The house remained stable for nearly five years, but then a few months ago, further cracks appeared. There was a number of reasons why this may have occurred, but Resinject were happy to come out again and do further work to resolve the issue, under warranty. They injected extensively at an even deeper level than previous, to make sure we would have no further problems. We have no hesitation in recommending Andy and the Resinject Team to anyone who has problems with cracking and settlement. They work very carefully to minimise any impact on property and surrounds, and clean up afterwards. Thanks again. S Ward

2018 June – NSW Morriset We’d like to express our appreciation for the work you did on our house recently.  Resinject has been perfect to deal with from the first phone call enquiry to the completed work.  The inspection and quote was extremely thorough, and we were given concise, layman’s explanations of the tipping problems with our slab, the likely causes, and how they would go about levelling it.  We were very impressed with the genuinely friendly professionalism and quality of the advice during the quote and contracting. They focused on providing a long lasting solution which comparably, was very reasonably priced.  The team that came in to do the injection work were even more impressive. The supervisor walked me around the house and explained the process in detail. He looked at all the points marked out from the inspection, applied his experience and expertise, and add some more injection points to improve the result.  When the injection points had been drilled he explained in detail what they’d found in the sub-slab soil, and identified where we had serious issues with our 1970’s drains leaking water under the slab.  This information was invaluable to get the root cause of the problem resolved.  The entire team was clearly expert, and really professional in the way they interacted with us and our house. They were all very focused on getting the best result, and impressively polite and informed when we asked questions. They completely cleaned up afterward.  The injection went perfectly; they got good lift at all the points. In the outcome we got significant closure of the major cracks, stabilisation of minor cracks so they can be filled, doors and windows operating without sticking, the slab level and stable, and the information we needed to get a plumber to fix the drainage problems.  The final price was the original quote, plus half of the resin contingency we’d allowed for was used. So the final cost was less than we’d budgeted in total.

We are extremely happy, in every way with our experience with Resinject. When you have serious building issues with your home, you need to work with people you can trust to give you friendly, expert advice, the right solutions, and most of all the confidence that their quote is a reasonable price.  Our trust was well placed in Resinject; they care about their clients, and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to work with them.

Thanks very much – you were brilliant!  C & R Brobyn

2018 May – NSW Adamstown – We would recommend Resinject to carry out remediation work on concrete driveway and external brick wall and garage concrete floor, this was the project  quoted.  From the quotation to the completion of the works the whole job was carried out in a very professional manner.  I must say the crew that carried out the work gave you confidence that they knew the process, and the supervisor kept us informed of the progress and there were no surprises.  Would highly recommend Resinject.  K Waugh

2018 May – NSW Marylands –  Resinject have recently carried out works at my property and I have no hesitation recommending them to other prospective clients.  The Technical Manager who carried out the initial assessment provided a clear explanation of the process and the Job Supervisor kept me fully informed on the progress during the works. He and his team worked as one and kept each other up to date on the different segments of the work.  The whole team, in my opinion, have something rare these days, Customer Service Focus!   Well done all !! T Carter

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