2016 Sept – NSW Glenmore Park It has now been over three months since we decided to use Resinject to restore subsidence to our backyard entertainment area.  Even though it was raining ‘Cats and Dogs’ on the day – Andy and his team worked through the horrible conditions and even cleaned up when they were finished.  We achieved the result we were hoping for and highly recommend Resinject’s workmanship.  Since the work was completed there has been no further movement and we are very happy with the results. James and Carol

2016 Sept – NSW Wollongong I can highly recommend Resinject. The process has exceeded my expectations, and made a big difference to very substantial subsidence. Most pleasing is the fact that the process was quick, clean and non-invasive. Save for a few small drill holes, there is no evidence of the works done. If we’d gone with traditional underpinning, we’d have a huge mess to clean up and weeks of disruption. Andy and his team were a pleasure to work with. Their customer service and integrity was above and beyond.  I was kept in the loop at all stages of the process, they kept their word on price, and showed fantastic care and respect for our home. They showed great care and attention to detail, and they took obvious pride in their work.The site was kept clean and tidy throughout, and they were fastidious with their clean up once the job was done. If a good result, quality service, and real integrity are important to you, I can 100% recommend the team at Resinject. C. Tulloch

2016 Sept – QLD Wellington Point We have a 2 storey house with solid brick walls outside and some brick/stud walls inside. Ground floor is concrete slab and upper floor timber. It sits on a sloping embankment which has subsided over the years, causing some cracks, but only on the outside walls facing the embankment. That is, the slab has tilted about 25 mm along the length of the house. Concrete pier underpinning was going to be very expensive and disruptive, so I canvassed 3 ground injection firms. One didn’t reply (after a number of calls), the other talked of a scary price. By chance I found Resinject who gave me a quote with a professional plan of injection points (about 24 in all, some with double tubes, and many over 2 metres deep.)

The project was explained in detail, and we were consulted about contingencies in the event of unknown void pockets in the embankment. I was on site witnessing all the work, and the read-outs on the injection pumps. I only paid for the labour, travel and fuel once and was happy to pay for additional material as was necessary. They came to the site 3 times. The team, Glenn, Julio and Keyan (and later the boss Andy) were very friendly, explaining each step, and worked virtually non-stop. They even spent an hour each time to clean up. My house is very heavy, the site is difficult and I got a ten year guarantee. I certainly recommend this company. B Dingli

2016 Sept – QLD  – I just wanted to say the whole process of underpinning my house was conducted in a most pleasant and efficient manner from first inspection and quoting through to the work done. During the day of the work I was kept fully informed of progress and at the end of the day you would not know they had been! We are very pleased with the result. G. Hansen

2016 Sept – NSW Wagga Wagga – The work crew from Resinject were very professional and had extensive information and knowledge of the Resinject product. Any questions asked were answered honestly and decisively, and we were keep informed on all aspects of the project at all times. The work was carried out efficiently and timely. The ACTA would be more than happy to recommend this company and product to others. Turner, T. National Executive Officer, Australian Clay Target Association