The Process

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  1. Respond promptly to service enquiry and arrange site inspection.
  2. Carry out an onsite project assessment. This will include:Complete project proposal, inclusive of an estimate.
    • Site Risk Assessment.
    • Soil strength assessment and logging of results using the dynamic cone penetrometer
    • Level survey to assess degree of subsidence.
  3. Complete project proposal, inclusive of an estimate.
  4. Upon acceptance of written quote works will be scheduled to client’s requirements.
    NB: Client to provide the most recent “Dial before you dig” print out pertaining to the property.
  5. During the process all levels to be monitored by laser equipment.
  6. All levels to be re-checked prior to clean up.
  7. All drill holes to be sealed with non-shrink grout.
  8. Issue of invoice to client.


Sunken concrete repair process

Safety and the Environment

Resinject maintain the highest levels of workplace safety and have developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all of our work practices.

Working within the mining industry we are familiar with the high safety standards that are required. We carry out a Risk Assessment prior to the start of each and every job and “Job Site Safety Meetings” are conducted and updated throughout the project.

Our personnel are environmentally aware and practice good “house-keeping” at all times around the work site, ensuring disposal of containers and other waste products is carried out in a correct manner and in accordance with authority guidelines.