Commercial – workshop slab subsidence and cracking


The load bearing capacity of the ground had been compromised by excessive ground water over the years, combined with the large heavy loads that slabs have had to bear.  This caused the slabs to “pump” – leading to void age, in turn leading to slab subsidence and cracking of the slab.
Product was injected below the slabs to form piers and improve the load bearing capacity of the ground.  Once the piers have been installed, a “slab jacking”operation is carried out to fill all voids,re-level the slabs and minimising the risk of future movement.
On completion of product injection, the slabs are tested for any movement through the use of “dial” gauges.  Heavy equipment is traversed over the slabs and joints to confirm no movement is taking place.

Mine workshop slab 1 mine-workshop-slab-2 mine-workshop-slab-3
Photo indicating presence of water under
the slab
“Slab Jacking” operation to fill all voids and re-level the slabs Equipment traversed over slabs to ensure treatment has been successful

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