This high traffic area showed subsidence / voidage, this would suggest that it could be due to excessive stormwater – unsealed slabs or inefficient storm water drainage impacting on the re-active soils beneath the slab.

Our principle aim was to consolidate the ground, improving the load bearing capacity, and minimising the risk of future movement and re-levelling the slabs as conditions allow.

The work site was “isolated” during operations, maintaining high standards of safety to all involved including restricting the public from approaching the work area.

Site specific Safety Meetings were carried out prior any works being carried out, assessing and managing the Risks and Hazards

Initially our resin was injected between the slabs and the ground – this was followed up by injecting product into the ground at different depths to improve the load bearing capacity of the soils, filling voids and re-levelling the slabs and minimising the risk of future movement.

This was all done without disruption to the Service station!

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