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Chemical Resin
Injection Underpinning.

Resinject uses a high quality, durable and certified expanding resin. Our resin is an expanding polyurethane construction grout, that consolidates and stabilises the ground, minimising the risk of future movement at your home, business or site.

Over 60 years experience
50 year product warranty
Licenced Builders
Certified Australian Resin

Certified quality resin

Our RSJ 170 chemical underpinning resin is high quality and is certified to Australian standard QA Specification M232. We inject our resin into the ground which expands both downwards and outwards, increasing the load bearing capacity of the ground. We are proud to say our product is manufactured here in Australia, making it an Australian product.

Reliable and long-term resin underpinning

Some companies and products on the market only offer a quick fix to existing cracks and do not address the core of the problem. This means that despite their effort, future cracks can still occur. We believe our method is second to none and has been proven over the years. Resin injection stabilises and consolidates the ground beneath your structure to guarantee no future movement. Our product is durable, dependable and has proved itself time and time again.

Made in Australia for Australian conditions

Resinject is a pioneering family-owned and operated Australian chemical underpinning company. Our chemical resin is 100% Australian made. This ensures that it is designed to handle Australian conditions and also supports local manufacturing.

Drawing on over 60 years’ experience for dependable, lasting results - with Resinject you will get nothing less!

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