Void Filling Under Footings And Foundations

Resinject specialize in void filling, under footings and foundations of concrete structures

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Voids can develop from a variety of factors, leaking water pipes, leaking sewer lines, mine subsidence and the like, the resulting voids compromise the ground bearing capacity of the surface support structure.

Resinject offers you substantial cost saving solutions ensuring the use of high quality materials in order to make your house walls completely non-toxic, inert and environmentally friendly. Using our Polyurethane resins we can lift sunken footings and floors and bring them back to their correct levels. By injecting Resinject resins into the voids, ground bearing capacities can be restored and the structures can be stabilized.

Be it repairing sandstone foundations or house foundations, Resinject gives you the best underpinning and house foundation repairing solutions.