Slab Correction – Industrial Drive Ways

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Over the last 10 to 15 years the region has experienced extremes of prolonged drought and now unusually high rainfall. All of this has impacted on many concrete road ways, drive ways and industrial areas.

When water enters underneath the concrete slabs any movement will cause small amounts of soil and sand particles to be pushed to the surface. As time goes on more and more soil and sand particles will be pushed to the surface and this causes the slab to “pump”.

Water usually enters through the slab joints and as a result of bad drainage.

This movement, if not corrected, will cause a void to develop under the slab. As a result of this prolonged movement, the doweling between the slabs can break away and eventually cause the slab to crack and settle downwards. When this happens it is more difficult to realign the slabs and the joints will have to be cut to allow the realignment to be completed.

The movement or “pumping of any concrete slab should be corrected as soon as it is detected to prolong the life of the slab.

Resinject drills 16mm holes along the slab joint in a zig zag pattern. We then inject our special polyurethane product directly under the slab and into the voids. In some cases we will inject product in areas away from the joints to add support under the slab.

Once this process is completed we will then drill the existing holes down 50mm and fill them with non-shrink grout.

Once the area has been treated Resinject will encourage the client to seal the slab joints to prevent water entering.

The Resinject process for treating Industrial drive ways is unobtrusive and requires only small areas to be closed off during treatment. Once the treatment is complete the closed off area can be reopened.

The Resinject process for slab corrections is very economical. It will prevent costly slab replacements.