Have cracks in your walls?

A major cause of cracked walls is the ground beneath the foundations which is in a constant state of change, what kind of change largely depends on soil type.

In granular, sandy soil, there will be some degree of erosion as the sand particles can be washed out. Clay soil, on the other hand, will swell with increased moisture content and shrink as it dries, forming “voids”. Such soils can reach saturation, turning into something of a “bog” with little load bearing capacity.

Other causes resulting in cracked walls include, water services, sewer, storm water services, poor drainage, and damage from vegetation.

If you notice cracks in your walls, call the experts at Resinject today!

Wall Crack Repair

By injecting our resins, compromised soils will be consolidated and stabilised.

Our approach involves injecting our product into the ground to both increase the load bearing capacity of the soils and raise the subsiding part of the building as conditions allow. A pre-assessment to determine key injection points is imperative.

Cracked Walls Projects

``Our home is 70 years old – double brick with the internal walls cement. We had the plasterer/renderer in to fix the cracks initially in 2018 and they opened up again and some new cracks even decided to join them within a couple of months after they were fixed. I saw a Resinject truck and got their details, made contact and then Nathan visited the following week and gave us a quote. I had a lot of questions which were answered on the spot and Nathan explained the whole process. The work was completed within a month of getting the quote and the team was excellent. They are professional and explained the whole process to us while they were working on our property.``
Lynne Fowler NSW Grenfell
''We would recommend Resinject to carry out remediation work on concrete driveway and external brick wall and garage concrete floor, this was the project quoted. From the quotation to the completion of the works the whole job was carried out in a very professional manner. Would highly recommend Resinject.''
K Waugh NSW Adamstown
``Recently I contacted your company as I was becoming concerned about the cracks that were in some of the walls in my house. Your assessor came out and with his whiz bang measuring device took all sorts of measurements in and around my house. He was very competent and knowledgeable and very polite as he went about his work. I was told what to expect and how the works would be done. They started started marking out where and when the resin would be injected. When the truck arrived there was a flurry of people as everyone went about their assigned jobs. When they were finished the resin injection holes were filled in with some cement and you could hardly see where they had been, except that the cracks had all closed up and were no longer as big of a concern as they could barely be seen.``
B Cooke
``We have a heritage listed house with sandstone foundations which was developing large cracks upstairs. The staff from Resinject provided a very detailed quotation, taking the time to make measurements as to how far the back of the house had subsided. We were very impressed with the professionalism of the staff who carried out the work. Their attention to detail was impressive and they explained what was happening throughout the day. They left the site clean and tidy and were careful to keep us informed about how much product was used and discussed if any more product was needed.``
M Munroe NSW Newtown

Frequently asked questions

Will the wall cracks be eliminated?

Our first priority is to minimise further movement of the structure by consolidating and improving the load-bearing capacity of the ground. To confirm that this has been achieved, we only need a 1-3mm lift. Once this has been done, we then aim to return the structure as close as possible to its original levels as conditions allow. We cannot guarantee closure to cracks in walls, even though cracks may be minimised through our treatment. Cosmetic work should not be attempted straight after our treatment, due to the structure needing to settle.

How long will it take to complete the job?

Most residential jobs are finished within a few hours. Bigger projects may take over a day; your project manager will discuss the time frame as part of the free site assessment and quoting.

When can I carry out cosmetic repairs?

Wall cracks are the consequence of subsidence, after the injection process the building needs time to settle back into its original shape. You should therefore always wait for a few weeks after a lift before carrying out any cosmetic repairs.

Do I need to vacate the building whilst work is carried out?

Your Project Manager will discuss this potential need with you during the free site inspection and quoting. Sinking floor piers and other circumstances might necessitate your removing furniture and fittings so that we can work inside. But in most cases, there is no need for you to vacate the property, however it is preferable to have the work area cleared prior to our arrival.

Do you have to park on my property?

Our crew will arrive in a self contained truck, when planning road access, our work truck is approximately 8.0m long, 2.5m wide and 3.2m tall. Due to our long hoses we can work up to 70 metres from our self-contained mobile unit, so there should be no need to park any heavy vehicle in a sensitive area.

What are the guarantees of your product?

Drawing on over 60 years’ combined experience, Resinject only use an Australian Standard resin and inject to a depth of up to 3.5 metres if necessary. We also provide plenty of support around each lift point. This is why we can confidently guarantee our product against significant settlement for a full 50 years.

Have you noticed your walls are cracking?

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