Is your concrete beginning to sink or crack?

This is commonly seen with concrete slab floors and concrete driveways. 

In this situation, sub soils have been compromised either due to water washouts, reactive clay soils, and damage from surrounding vegetation. Symptoms that may be noticed include, pumping slabs and unlevel concrete slabs. Slumped concrete slabs can often be seen in residential homes and factory floors.

If you notice cracks in your concrete, call the experts at Resinject today!

How to Repair Sunken Concrete

We inject our resin under the slabs, void filling the affected area, and increasing the load bearing capacity of the soils which is supporting the affected slab.

Part of the re-levelling process is re-supporting adjoining areas that could have been compromised due to the subsidence.  Additionally, piers could also be installed in certain situations.

Sunken or Cracked Concrete Projects

``I would like to recommend the team at Resinject if you need foundation stabilisation or slab lifting. The guys were very professional, took lots of time to explain the process and cleaned up which is rare these days. Left the site cleaner than arrival I think.
As to the result, we could not be happier. Ours did seem like a dream lift with 12 mm cracks completely closed to the extend that a paint over will be sufficient.
Right from contact point the attitude was far better than the other mob, whose quotation was much dearer. We could not be happier.``
William Calder NSW Morayfield
``Resinject were engaged to stabilise 8 motel room floor slabs, compromised due to underground water damage. We found Resinject to be very professional and completed the stabilisation in a timely manner. Amber in the office was also great to deal with. Thank you Resinject , job well done!``
Chrys Schriek QLD Toowoomba
``I’m very satisfied with the result of the slab lift carried out by Resinject on my property. All phases of the project from the initial quote by Richard, team arriving on time, professional manner in which the job was carried out by Adam, Jesse & Richard, slabs brought to the original positions & the area left neat & tidy. 10 out of 10 in my book.``
Jim Cook NSW Cronulla
``We were so impressed with your guys, who told us exactly what they were doing, how they were doing it, and why they were doing it. We were invited to be a part of the process of lifting our walkways and the end result was excellent. Really impressed with not just the result, but how your guys involved us during the process. Thank you.``
P & J Giles QLD Buderim

Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do before your crew arrives?

In order for us to carry out the works, it is ideal for you to have all your services located. Please ensure that you have this on hand when we arrive. i.e., water, gas, sewers, storm water drains, phone lines, TV cables and irrigation piping

How long does it take for the resin to cure?

Our resins cure in minutes; once the injection is completed, there will no further chemical reaction taking place. For example, Driveways and factory floors can be used immediately after the clean up.

How urgent is it to address a compromised foundation?

Leaving an unstable structure can cause further issues. By having an early assessment/treatment, will save further costs and lessen further damage occuring.

What are the guarantees of your product?

Drawing on over 60 years’ combined experience, Resinject only use an Australian Standard resin and inject to a depth of up to 3.5 metres if necessary. We also provide plenty of support around each lift point. This is why we can confidently guarantee our product against significant settlement for a full 50 years.

What is the alternative to resin injection?

Traditional underpinning can be carried out as an alternate method. However, this generally requires a lot more time on site, bigger equipment, with more disruptions and ultimately more expensive.

What noise and dust is to be expected?

Our generator has been enclosed in a custom-designed cabinet to minimise noise levels, so it is relatively quiet. Drilling may be noisy, but this is completed quickly, and when drilling indoors, we capture the dust with vacuum cleaners and small amounts of water.

Have you noticed your slabs moving or cracking?

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