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Cracked walls and

If you’re concerned about cracks in your house walls, Resinject can protect your biggest asset with proven chemical ground consolidation that minimises your cracked walls.

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What causes cracks in your walls?

There are a number of reasons why a cracked wall occurs. A major cause of cracks in house walls is the ground beneath the foundations. This ground is in a constant state of change. It is important to understand and fix the underlying cause for permanent wall crack repair. Our resin injection method stabilises the ground beneath your foundations increasing the load bearing capacity and prevents further movement of your structure.  


Most often the root cause behind wall and ceiling cracks is the soil type beneath a foundation which can cause stress through a foundation and affect the structure above it.

  • Granular or sandy organic soil: there will be some degree of erosion as the sand particles can be washed out through malfunctioning plumbing services.
  • Reactive clay soil: these will swell with increased moisture content and shrink as it dries, forming “voids” or empty spaces that could lead to washouts. Such soils can reach saturation, turning into something of a “bog” with little to no load bearing.
  • Vegetation: sometimes even nearby vegetation can leech moisture from the soils around your property.


Storm water services, sewers, faulty plumbing or even just a dripping tap can affect the stability of your home’s foundation. If the soil beneath your foundation is prone to erosion, voids or bog formation and if your plumbing is not serviceable, this can result in an unstable foundation and cracked walls.


Poor build design and quality can lead to cracked walls. If the building is not adequately constructed with an appropriate drainage system or the ground has not been properly compacted the foundations could be compromised causing instability and cracks in your walls.

A long-term wall crack repair solution

At Resinject our aim is to provide a long-term solution to your wall crack repair needs. While we always want to try and close your cracks, our aim is to repair the source of the problem: the ground beneath your footings and foundations! This minimises the risk of new cracks forming and existing cracks from getting bigger, saving you money in the long run and giving you peace of mind knowing the future of your property is safe.

Types of cracked wall

Most cracked walls will tell a story of one form of subsidence or another – we at Resinject are big believers in “a stitch in time saves nine” and that early detection and repairs in cracked walls can save you in repair bills as well as consolidating the ground which was the original source of compromise.

Stair step cracks

The stair step or zig-zag appearance is often seen on a cracked brick wall. These cracks suggest your home or site foundations are subsiding or the ground has lost pressure which shifts and transfers stress unevenly through the brick wall/structure.

Horizontal cracks

These cracks can indicate that a specific area of ground has moved or voided and has displaced the foundation with it. They are suggestive of a localised area of movement. These cracks appear near the area of movement but can have implications for the whole structure.

Door frame/window cracks:

While these are often hairline cracks which are not usually significant, although they can highlight movement in the footings and foundations to the structure of a home. Again, another case of loss of load bearing capacity from the ground supporting the foundations in the localised area.

Fixing cracks in walls

By injecting our resins, compromised soils will be consolidated and stabilised, which allows for permanent wall crack repair. Our approach involves:

  • A pre-assessment to determine key injection points for our resin.
  • Injecting our product into the ground at various depths.
  • Increasing both the load bearing capacity of the soils and raising the subsiding part of the building.
  • Stabilising the building as conditions allow.
  • We advise cosmetic repairs are only carried out 4-6 weeks after the injection allowing things to settle – not like other companies.
Reliable, communicated every step, very happy with end result
Michelle Ellis
Michelle Ellis
11:06 21 Sep 21
Very good job you guys doing really appreciate ;very professional thorough service from the team at Resinject give call Richard if you need to Resinject to your property thanks Richard doing great job cheers!!
Binod Pandey
Binod Pandey
03:06 03 Sep 21
I submitted a request for an on-site inspection and was contacted by Richard the same day. He was extremely knowledgeable and made arrangements to come to my place within days.Not only did he show up on time he gave me a courtesy call 30 mins before arriving. After a thorough inspection Richard gave me an honest account that my place didn’t require work currently.My place is a federation home on Sandstone footings which is moving due to moisture content. Richard gave me things to look out for and an understanding of what was happening to the sub floor.There was no sales pitch just an honest guy. If/ when I need work done I will definitely be calling him!
Richard Haggie
Richard Haggie
07:05 28 Aug 21
Resinject is professional and genuinely care about their customers. The results on our property exceeded expectations. We very much appreciated all the discussions regards our questions/needs : before, during and after the process. And the fact covid safety was followed as much as possible, of course was appreciated. Highly recommend SPM team.
Sapphire Palms Motel
Sapphire Palms Motel
07:53 27 Aug 21
Big shout out to Richard and the team at RESINJECT.Professional, punctual and approachable. We couldn’t be happier with the service. Great job, we highly recommend.
Melissa Barber
Melissa Barber
09:39 12 Aug 21
Tried this company as I saw the great reviews. And I couldn’t be happier. Friendly group of guys that explained every part of the process. Happy to answer any questions. No mess left after work done and stuck to the original price. Highly recommended 👍🏼
Natasha Simpson
Natasha Simpson
07:18 09 Aug 21
Very professional service, informative and kept us updated how things were progressing throughout the whole process. Friendly people and premises left tidy. Competitive pricing. Staff wore masks and were compliant with Covid-19 guidelines. Self-sufficient while on site. Highly recommend.
03:59 26 Jul 21
A pleasure to have real professionals do this job for me .I did a lot of research before i chose Resinject .Could not be happier and my mind is at rest from worrying .
Patricia Lovell
Patricia Lovell
08:01 14 Jul 21
Really chuffed with the service. The guys did a great job, I would highly recommend them! Thanks Resinject!
Nicola Snell
Nicola Snell
09:45 06 Jul 21
From start to finish the crew of RESINJECT were extremely professional, courteous & on time. All care was taken with our property during the process. We are very happy with the end result & trust this course of action will give our gracious old lady another 123yrs. Thank you RESINJECT
Mandy Emms
Mandy Emms
01:23 08 Jun 21
We recently got Resinject Pty Ltd to do some underpinning done at our house in Junction Hill NSW, and we were very happy with the service they provided. Starting with a very professional detailed written quote issued by Nathan, covering all aspects of the job, through to Chelsey keeping me informed on when the work was to be done & then arranging the final date, then to Matt and his professional team who did the actual work and walked me through the whole process onsite. Basically the whole job from start to finish couldn't have gone any smoother. I have no problems at all in recommending this company to do underpinning should it be required. Cheers, Pat McCauley
Pat McCauley
Pat McCauley
04:40 04 Jun 21
Professional, efficient, and excellent open communication. Julio was a delight to work with and everything was done by the time we got home from work! Fast quote and turn-around to the injection happening, even in Dubbo. Very happy with service and communication throughout. Thank you!
Jacinta Borrow
Jacinta Borrow
22:38 02 Jun 21
Richard came to inspect my house yesterday. He is incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable, trying to find the root problem and best solution (instead of providing just a short-term quick fix) to fix the crack problem in the back part of the house. Although at the end, he believed his company couldn't offer the right product for my house, he was keen to suggest someone to help first explore if water draining issue is the root cause, and if it is then once resolved, re-bricking would be the way to go (and perhaps with resin to stabilise the foundation if necessary during re-bricking). The house also got cracks on the retaining wall, and again he made very good suggestions on how to address the situation. What really impressed me is Richard's integrity and working philosophy: keeping the company's reputation is more important than just making money for his family business. I would highly recommend Resinject to anyone who needs to fix cracks and related problems in their house.
hakkim chan
hakkim chan
06:32 13 May 21
Richard and his team were prompt, efficient and communicative.Julio and the other site guys were polite and efficient, and I felt comfortable having them around my home.I would use the services of Resinject again if I encountered a similar problem.CraigBurraneer NSW
Craig Greenaway
Craig Greenaway
03:38 28 Apr 21
I had issue with my cracks in walls due to problems with the foundations. I called Resinject and Richard came out within a week and gave me a quote on the day. The next day I had the written quotation in my email. The guys came out on the appointed day, on time and did an excellent job.Resinject has treated us like ‘family’. Resinject’s response during COVID-19 across the job and also assisting us with payment has helped us to get our house corrected.I would always recommend them to anyone having similar issues. They are highly ethical company. I usually do not say this, but proud to see an Australian company delivering great service to our community.
Babar Ali
Babar Ali
13:20 12 Apr 21
Richard was very courteous, trustworthy and transparent when explaining what Resinject could and could not do.The team, led by Adam, who came to do the job continued this culture of transparency and courtesy, showing me exactly what they were doing and why, and setting expectations that the goal wasn't necessarily to close gaps but to reinforce the foundations of our home to prevent future movement.Indeed the house reacted very well to the job as you can see from the photo with some closed up gaps, but there were also some gaps that opened slightly wider too, which was emphasised before the job started. However, after the recent large downpours, I didn't notice any visible change in gap sizes in our home, which meant the underpinning has been done its job so far, which is pleasing to see.My family also commented that there was less cleaning required after the underpinning due to gaps closing up between cornices and the wall. In the past, debris would be falling from the roof cavity on a regular basis.Adam was also careful not to damage any recent new extensions we added to the home as well, which I appreciate.All in all, except for needing to seal up a few holes in the house from drilling and adjusting the strike plates on our doors after the movement in the house, I was very happy with the final result.Thank you Resinject!
Albert Teoh
Albert Teoh
12:33 27 Mar 21
No probs dealing with this company. Very prompt very efficient and courteous.
matt lester
matt lester
00:44 17 Mar 21
What a great way to align subsided concrete. Fast, non destructive and eliminates the need for disruption to the client. Definitely a great way forward.
Tony Fittler
Tony Fittler
21:24 10 Mar 21
Very professional and thorough service from the team at Resinject! Highly recommended!
Duncan Horan-Gray
Duncan Horan-Gray
18:14 02 Mar 21
Great company, their rep Geoff gave an honest assessment of whether they could fix my issues using his years of experience in the building industry saving me thousands. Thank you. I'll be sure to recommend Resinject, to anyone who may need their services.
05:50 09 Feb 21

Frequently asked questions

Will the wall cracks be eliminated?

Our first priority is to minimise future movement of the structure by consolidating and improving the load-bearing capacity of the ground. To confirm that this has been achieved, we need 1-3mm lift. Once this has been done, we then aim to return the structure as close as possible to its original levels as conditions allow. We cannot guarantee closure to cracks in walls, even though cracks may be minimised through our treatment. Cosmetic work should not be attempted straight after our treatment, due to the structure needing to settle.

How long will it take to complete the job?

Most residential jobs are finished within a few hours. Bigger projects may take over a day; your project manager will discuss the time frame as part of the free site assessment and quoting.

When can I carry out cosmetic repairs?

Wall cracks are the consequence of subsidence, after the injection process the building needs time to settle back into its original shape. You should therefore always wait for 4-6 weeks after injection before carrying out any cosmetic repairs.

Do I need to vacate the building whilst work is carried out?

Your Project Manager will discuss this potential need with you during the free site inspection and quoting. Sinking floor piers and other circumstances might necessitate your removing furniture and fittings so that we can work inside. But in most cases, there is no need for you to vacate the property, however it is preferable to have the work area cleared prior to our arrival.

Do you have to park on my property?

Our crew will arrive in a self contained truck, when planning road access, our work truck is approximately 8.0m long, 2.5m wide and 3.2m tall. Due to our long hoses we can work up to 70 metres from our self-contained mobile unit, so there should be no need to park any heavy vehicle in a sensitive area.

What are the guarantees of your product?

Drawing on over 60 years’ combined operational experience, Resinject only uses resin with an Australian Standard that is made in Australia and that can be injected to a depth of up to 3.5 metres if necessary with the required amount of support giving us and the client peace of mind Our product is guaranteed for 50 years against shrinkage


We pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service. Providing 50 year warranty on our product.

Drawing on over 60 years’ combined experience, Resinject only use an Australian Standard resin and inject to a depth of up to 3.5 metres if necessary. We also provide plenty of support around each lift point. This is why we can confidently guarantee our product against significant settlement for a full 50 years.

Drawing on over 60 years’ experience for dependable, lasting results - with Resinject you will get nothing less!

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