Case Study Service Centre

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Resinject were able to void fill, re-level, re-support and “stitch” the affected concrete slabs on the main truck driveway at this busy Service Station causing minimum disruption to business.

Drainage problems and truck movements had caused “pumping” and voids under the concrete slabs of this high traffic area.

We cordoned off / isolated the work areas to allow the normal flow of traffic to continue to the fuel pumps.

The slabs were levelled and supported by injecting our resins. We then “stitched” the slabs together, sealed the injection holes with non-shrink grout and removed all rubbish and debris from the work zone.

Storage Sheds, Factories, Warehouses

  • Life of the concrete slabs extended which is a huge cost saving for the client
  • Minimal disruption to business
  • Trucks using high traffic area again soon after the worksite was cleared
  • No delays waiting for new concrete to cure
  • Product carries a 10 year warranty