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These types of buildings can have their floors re-levelled, re-supported whilst there’s minimal disruption to normal day to day operations.

Advantages to be gained from re-levelling of floors are:

  • Minimising maintenance to forklifts and handling equipment on rough uneven floors.
  • Maximising utility of racking in storage sheds with the alignment of the racking returning to its original position.
  • Re-aligning of conveyor systems.
  • Increase of ground bearing capacities to allow for heavier machinery and equipment to be installed.
  • Improved OH&S within the work site – minimising trip hazards as well as providing smoother rides on stock handling equipment.
  • Time to carry out re-levelling and re-supporting projects a fraction of the traditional methods.
  • No mess – No contamination within the work area.
  • Areas that are worked on can be utilised within an hour of completion.
  • We can to a point work around stock / equipment.
  • Minimal disruption to working areas.
  • No delays waiting for new concrete to cure.