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foundation repairs.

Resinject appreciates the importance of protecting and maintaining the structural integrity of your home, which often is an individual's biggest asset. If you're troubled by house foundation repair or have noticed signs of subsidence, we offer permanent solutions.

Protect your biggest asset

As licensed builders, we are dedicated to delivering the same exacting standards to homeowners as we do our corporate clientele. We deploy the same experienced and skilled team; we only use resins with an Australian Standard; we bring capacity to inject to a depth of 3.5m; and we provide ample support around every lift point. Our method guarantees a solid, permanent solution.

Need house foundation repair services?

Subsidence causes movement in the ground beneath your foundations, exerting stress on your foundation which can damage your home.

Signs of subsidence at your home:

Fixing Cracked Walls

We drill injection holes below foundations and into the subsoil centered at approximately 1.2m to 1.5m. This allows us to inject at multiple depths forming 'piers' to support the structure over the affected area.

Our residential service

Resinject is a pioneer and industry leader in chemical underpinning in Australia. We are always professional and personable no matter how big or small the project. Our team provides high quality work and excellent service to all our customers.

With Resinject, you benefit from:

  • Free inspections and all-inclusive quotes.
  • Licenced builders
  • Resins with a classified Australian standard
  • Over 60 years’ combined experience
  • Laser-guided precision relevelling
  • Non-toxic permanent solutions
  • Self-contained truck
  • 70m hoses; no need to park close to house
  • Injection depths of up to 3.5m; solid support
  • 50-year product warranty

Frequently asked questions

Will the wall cracks be eliminated?

Our first priority is to minimise the risk of future movement of the structure by consolidating and improving the load-bearing capacity of the ground. To confirm that this has been achieved, we only need a 1-3 mm lift. Once this has been done, we then aim to return the structure as close as possible to its original levels as conditions allow. We cannot guarantee closure to cracks in walls, even though cracks may be minimised through our treatment. Cosmetic work should not be attempted straight after our treatment, due to the structure needing to settle.

How long will it take to complete the job?

Most residential jobs are finished within a few hours. Bigger projects may take over a day; your project manager will discuss the time frame as part of the free site assessment and quoting.

When can I carry out cosmetic repairs?

Wall cracks are the consequence of subsidence, after the injection process the building needs time to settle back into its original shape. You should therefore always wait 6 – 8 weeks after works before carrying out any cosmetic repairs.

What are the guarantees of your product?

Drawing on over 60 years’ combined experience, Resinject has a resin that has an Australian Standard. This resin can be injected to a depth of up to 3.5 metres ensuring support on all points is installed. This is why we offer a 50 year warranty against shrinkage of the product.

Do you have to park on my property?

Our crew will arrive in a self contained truck, when planning road access, our work truck is approximately 8.0m long, 2.5m wide and 3.2m tall. Due to our long hoses we can work up to 70 metres from our self-contained mobile unit, so there should be no need to park any heavy vehicle in a sensitive area.

What noise and dust is to be expected?

Our generator has been enclosed in a custom-designed cabinet to minimise noise levels, so it is relatively quiet. Drilling may be noisy, but this is completed quickly, and when drilling indoors, we capture the dust with vacuum cleaners and small amounts of water.

Drawing on over 60 years’ experience for dependable, lasting results - with Resinject you will get nothing less!

Partnering with you to protect your biggest assets