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Sunken or
Cracked Concrete.

When you notice cracked concrete slabs or slabs that are “pumping” and uneven you may have compromised sub soils. Let the experts at Resinject assess, scope the works and re-level your slabs and prevent future damage by stabilising your soil.

What causes sunken and/or cracked concrete?

The ground beneath your concrete slabs, flooring or foundation is affected by a variety of factors that can cause changes and movement called subsidence.

This can be due to water washouts, reactive clay soils and damage from surrounding vegetation. As the unstable ground sinks and moves, it will cause the concrete above it to crack, slump, pump and tilt.

What are the signs of sunken or cracked concrete?

Subsidence underneath your concrete can be quite obvious. At residential properties it most commonly presents as a sunken driveway and at commercial/industrial sites it can cause cracked and uneven concrete slab flooring.

 You may be at risk if you’ve noticed concrete flooring or concrete slabs that:

  • Appear sunken – unevenly raised/depressed
  • Have cracked
  • Appear tilted or you have noticed a slant walking over them
  • Show movement between them and other fixed structures like railings or walls
  • Very noisy(clunking) should you have forklifts traversing slabs
  • Water being squished from under the slabs when traversed by vehicles
  • Obvious trip hazards between slabs
  • Homes built on slabs that subside result in cracked walls, sticking doors and windows
  • Visible voids under the slab

If you notice signs of sunken or cracked concrete, your property may be at risk of subsidence. Not only does this compromise the integrity property but can also represent a significant trip and safety hazard to personnel as well as potential expenses on machinery maintenance.


Is your site at risk?

Industrial and commercial sites can be established on compromised sub soils such as fill, reactive clays and sandy soils that have not been compacted sufficiently or have been compromised for one reason or another, be it washouts, drainage, or plumbing.

Sunken and cracked concrete repair

At Resinject, we inject our resin under the concrete slabs, void filling the affected area and increasing the load bearing capacity of the soils which is supporting the affected slab. Our re-levelling process is also re-supporting of adjoining areas that could have been compromised due to the subsidence, once re-supported we then “stitch” the slabs together. We also can install piers in necessary situations.

A long-term solution for your sinking or cracked concrete

At Resinject we are not about quick fixes, we provide our customers with long-term peace of mind by ensuring that we treat the principle cause of the problem: subsidence. We work with a high quality resin to stabilise and consolidate the ground under your concrete slab and flooring. Our resin is not only certified to the highest Australian standards but we provide a 50 year warranty on our product.

Our service

We provide a high quality service, a high quality product and the best value for money. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader and utilising resin that is 100% designed and made in Australia. With Resinject, you can be assured that sunken concrete will not trouble you in the future, so contact us for a free assessment today.

Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do before the crew arrives?

In order for us to carry out the works, it is ideal for you to have all your services located. Please ensure that you have this on hand when we arrive. i.e., water, gas, sewers, storm water drains, phone lines, TV cables and irrigation piping

How long does it take for the resin to cure?

Our resins cure in minutes; once the injection is completed, no further chemical reaction will take place. For example, Driveways and factory floors can be used immediately after the clean up.

How urgent is it to address a compromised foundation?

Leaving an unstable structure can cause further issues. By having an early assessment/treatment, will save further costs and lessen further damage from occurring.

What are the guarantees of your product?

Drawing on over 60 years’ combined experience, Resinject use a resin that is certified and has an Australian Standard. It can be injected to a depth of up to 3.5 metres if necessary with the necessary re-support installed.

Resinject offer a 50 year warranty on the resin against shrinkage

What is the alternative to resin injection?

Traditional underpinning can be carried out as an alternate method. However, this generally requires a lot more time on site, bigger equipment, with more disruptions and ultimately more expensive.

What noise and dust is to be expected?

Our generator has been enclosed in a custom-designed cabinet to minimise noise levels, so it is relatively quiet. Drilling may be noisy, but this is completed quickly, and when drilling indoors, we capture the dust with vacuum cleaners and small amounts of water.

Drawing on over 60 years’ experience for dependable, lasting results - with Resinject you will get nothing less!

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