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If you have sunken foundations that result in cracked floors and walls, pavements or driveways, we can fix it!

Resinject raise and re-level sunken foundations, re-level concrete slabs, cracked footpaths, factory floors and subsiding roads by injecting polyurethane resin into voids between the top of the ground strata and the base of the slab, footing or foundation.  We can also fill voids and cavities arising from washout and subsidence.

Whether for the mining, civil, residential, industrial or commercial environment – the Resinject method is quick, convenient and non–toxic with minimum disruption and maximum cost effectiveness.  The Resinject method only requires a minimal point of injection direct to the affected area.

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Resinject is solely Australian owned and operated. We service all areas of NSW, QLD and ACT.

It is our aim to provide a professional, top quality and efficient job. All of our work is carried out by our own trained professionals, so you can be assured of quality knowledge and experience every time. The Resinject “resin injection” method is a very cost effective and efficient solution compared to alternative processes.

Our standard resins are fast setting and durable, and all work undertaken is done so with minimal disruption to the work site or residents. Thorough ground testing is carried out prior to injection allowing us to target areas of weak ground for stabilisation and consolidation and further ground tests are carried out post injection to confirm the effectiveness of the consolidation. Resinject utilise specialised measuring equipment to monitor exact movement when lifting and rotating structures for maximum effectiveness.

2019 August – QLD Toowoomba  –Resinject were engaged to stabilise 8 motel room floor slabs, compromised due to underground water damage. We found Resinject to be very professional and completed the stabilisation in a timely manner.

Amber in the office was also great to deal with. Thank you Resinject , job well done!

Chrys Schriek

2019 August – QLD Chapel Hill  –I was very impressed with the work done by Resinject and I was also very impressed by the courteous and professional attitude of the workers. Usually, tradespeople treat me like a piece of furniture, something to be walked around but largely ignored.  The three men I dealt with were very polite and respectful and definitely went the extra mile.

Cathy Drew


2019 July – NSW Cronulla  – I’m very satisfied with the result of the slab lift carried out by Resinject on my property.

All phases of the project from the initial quote by Richard, team arriving on time, professional manner in which the job was carried out by Adam, Jesse & Richard, slabs brought to the original positions & the area left neat & tidy.

10 out of 10 in my book.

Jim Cook  

2019 June – NSW Warabrook – We’ve lived at our current home for 7 years now and during this period, we’ve noticed our driveway dropping, cracks on 2 outside walls, 2 walls inside, the floor in our garage as well as the stone railing on our upstairs verandah coming off the wall.

Our neighbor had some work done with Resinject so we rang them. Dave came and assess making recommendations. He was very professional and went out of his way to accommodate our request to have the work done earlier than the date he scheduled.

Richard and the rest of the workers did a fantastic job. I’m happy with their professionalism and good attitude. I’d hire them again any day.

The cracks on the walls have visibly come together and have noticed the difference. The stone railing has moved very close to the wall, my husband just needs to cement the small gap and we are done!!!

Thank you Resinject for your great work. Ten years warranty gives us peace of mind.

Lupe Fonua

2019 June – NSW Waratah  –  I would like to pay a compliment to the guys who came out to my house last Thursday, 11 April.

They were on-time, polite, excellent communication on what the project was going to involve, cleaned up the work area after they had finished.  I so appreciated the effort by the guys and would be most happy to act as a commercial referee if needed.

Lastly, I would like to compliment Amber who has been extremely professional in our dealing with this project.

Paula Bond 

2019 May – NSW Bathurst  – After numerous site visits to a past project and wondering what to do with a house that had slightly sunk, we decided to give ResInject a call. Right from the beginning the team was professional and excellent to deal with. Time frames from initial phone call to the site visit, to quote, and to works proceeding was on point. The rectification works were amazing and exceeded my expectations in results. I would highly recommend ResInject if you are facing a similar situation.

Nathan Baldi – Baldi Homes


2019 April – NSW Grenfell  – We live in rural New South Wales and I was at my wits end trying to solve the problem of the movement in our house to no avail. Our home is 70 years old – double brick with the internal walls cement. We had the plasterer/renderer in to fix the cracks initially in 2018 and they opened up again and some new cracks even decided to join them within a couple of months after they were fixed – arghh.

I saw a Resinject truck and got their details – looked on the website, made contact and then Nathan visited the following week and gave us a quote. I had a lot of questions which were answered on the spot and Nathan explained the whole process. The work was completed within a month of getting the quote and the team was excellent. They are professional and explained the whole process to us while they were working on our property.

Some of the cracks closed significantly and I am now confident to get the plasterer in to re-render the internal walls.  

Would highly recommend Resinject and have told a lot of friends and family about Resinject.

Lynne Fowler

2019 March – NSW Waratah – At this point in time, the work done on site here is excellent. I noticed the Resinject advert in the Newcastle Weekly magazine and decided to have work done to stabilize my house. I’m very happy with the quality of the workmanship and the work team were very professional, courteous and informative. Both Nathan and Julio were expert in their fields and again professional to deal with. A very high level of communication existed at all times, from the quote through to completion of the work. I would recommend Resinject to anyone requiring stabilization work!

Allan Hughes

2019 February – NSW Armidale – I was very impressed with the flow of information, it was a pleasant surprise to deal with a company that keeps you advised of what when and where. The Team of Richard, Sammy, Adam and Jesse were very professional, keeping me constantly informed of what they were doing and why. They were very pleasant gentlemen to have on site. The cleaned up after the job was complete and it was almost hard to tell where they had been. The results were very pleasing after injecting the resin and I have confidence there will be no more problems. Thanks for everything.

Robyn Warwick

2019 January – NSW Maryland –  From first contact to the completion of the work, communication was excellent. It was a stress-free process, very well organised, with everyone involved displaying the utmost in professionalism and consideration. I now have a Queensland room that I can use with confidence, especially with the 10 year guarantee in place. Finding Resinject was such a relief; I had no idea how the problem of a sinking, tilting room might be resolved. But the problem was addressed and within 3 hours I had a room that was stable, with windows that could now be closed. Based on such a positive experience, I would be happy to recommend Resinject.

Chris Edwards

2018 December – NSW East Maitland – Our company used Resinject to overcome a structural problem. We found them to be prompt and efficient in their responses and preparation. They were extremely professional in the work that they carried out.  

Wortho P/L

2018 November – NSW Morayfield – I would like to recommend the team at Resiject if you need foundation stabilisation or slab lifting. The guys were very professional, took lots of time to explain the process and cleaned up which is rare these days. Left the site cleaner than arrival I think.
As to the result, we could not be happier. Ours did seem like a dream lift with 12 mm cracks completely closed to the extend that a paint over will be sufficient.
Right from contact point the attitude was far better than the other mob, whose quotation was much dearer. We could not be happier.
William Calder

2018 October – NSW Lake Macquarie  – Thanks for everything folks, the process from advice and quote to completion was spot on.

The crew on the day led by Matt were fully engaged in the details and able to fully explain and advise on the process both protecting the integrity of the property whilst stabilising the footings and a pleasure to deal with

Extremely happy with the people, process and products

Great Work !!

Dean Walters

2018 September – NSW Dural – I would like to thank you for the work that Resinject carried out for us, we are happy with the result and also with the level of professionalism shown during the process. The recommendations from the installers as to the best way to deal with the problem were accurate and worked very well, also the communication throughout the process was commendable. I would have no hesitation in using and recommending Resinject for future works. Mick Mundey of Blugum Enterprises Pty Ltd

2018 September – NSW Ashfield – Please pass on my praise to your team, I was very happy with their work throughout the process. The team leader maintained constant communication with me and considering the nature of the project they were working on, were very helpful in working around the regular routine of the staff/clients in the building for the day. Next project I work on I would definitely consider using you guys again.


2018 August – QLD Nerang – I want to thank Resinject staff who were involved with the underpinning of my home at Nerang Qld 4211 for their excellent work both verbally and practically!

Firstly of course Phillip for going over the quote for my home, then Amber in the Office of Resinject for upon talking with her, allied my fears and put me at ease with how I could pay and thirdly but not least Richard and his men who did a wonderful job, not only my home but 3 of my close neighbors who also need underpinning as well! Richard always kept us in the lope of what was going down, what was going to happen, in my case he went the extra mile of staying till everything was done even though his men who had finished what they were needed to do and moved on to their next job!

I personally thoroughly recommend Resinject in NSW and being from Queensland that is saying alot about NSW, as they had to travel from Newcastle to come to our State to help and did a good job even starting early and finishing late! A.Barcovich

2018 August – NSW Padstow – Our whole experience was great from the initial quote through to satisfactory completion of our job.
David was friendly and explained the procedure thoroughly at the initial site visit and left us a (quite reasonable) quote on the spot.
The communications with Amber kept us informed in a timely manner.
Richard, Matt, Jared and Layton arrived on time and were professional in how they did the work, keeping us in the loop throughout.
The politeness of all Resinject staff was outstanding.
We could not be happier and recommend them highly.  S & L Swindells

2018 August – QLD Guanaba – From first contact with Resinject I was extremely satisfied with their professionalism, thoughtfulness and thoroughness. They informed me constantly of when and what was happening, were polite and respectful and had a very positive outcome with the job. I’m so pleased I used this company and would highly recommend them to anyone needing underpinning work. J.Reed

2018 August – Canberra Resinject was the most professional of three companies we contacted to quote on our residential repair work. Their communications from the outset were excellent and we were impressed with their representative who gave us confidence that Resinject was the right company for us. He thoroughly inspected the site, drew a sketch to indicate where the resin would be injected and gave a quote on site (the work came in on budget). At no time did we feel rushed or pressured. Our job was done half a day early and the team were very professional and approachable with the Team Manager taking the time to answer all our questions. They did the job with minimum disturbance to the area, the drill holes were barely visible and they left the site very clean and tidy. We have no hesitation in recommending this company for residential underpinning. J&R Vickers

2018 July – QLD Bardon – We found the team at Resinject to be thoroughly professional throughout the whole project . From the initial measurement and quotation to the implemenatation -the project when perfectly . The attitude of the whole of the team was fantastic . We were kept informed throughout the process and found all team members to be very professional. Thank you Resinject !!  N Weavis

2018 July – NSW Hurlestone Park – Very impressed with the professional and friendly attitudes of all Resinject staff that I dealt with for the underpinning of our Federation house last month. Your project manager, who gave me the initial quote, was courteous and explained the process well. Your team who did the work, were punctual and kept me in the loop throughout the day. They worked well as a team, communicating with each other effectively during the process, which was approached cautiously, but confidently. The job came in on budget, with no need for the contingency. The effect of the procedure has been instantly noticeable with substantial cracks reducing in size. The floor in the hallway feels much more solid and stable. This was money well spent and I would recommend Resinject for other people contemplating residential underpinning works. The drill holes were barely noticeable. The office staff were efficient and polite, making the payment and booking process smooth. Thanks for the great work. S Keane

2018 June – NSW Stanmore To Andy Evans and all the team at Resinject, a belated thank you for your hard work, expertise, honesty and professionalism. About five years ago we had cracking and settlement issues in our 100 year old house rectified using the Resinject process. We were relieved when Andy and his skilled team, working methodically and with great care, raised the problem area of the house back up until all the cracking had closed. The house remained stable for nearly five years, but then a few months ago, further cracks appeared. There was a number of reasons why this may have occurred, but Resinject were happy to come out again and do further work to resolve the issue, under warranty. They injected extensively at an even deeper level than previous, to make sure we would have no further problems. We have no hesitation in recommending Andy and the Resinject Team to anyone who has problems with cracking and settlement. They work very carefully to minimise any impact on property and surrounds, and clean up afterwards. Thanks again. S Ward

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