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Driveway Void Fill

A Residential driveway washed out beneath the slab causing voids.

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Resinject were engaged to void fill beneath the compromised driveway slab to re-confirm stabilisation and consolidation.  Due to the soil washouts and shrinkage, the driveway  resulted in having large void form beneath the slab causing instability and hairline cracking.


We drilled a series of injection points between the concrete stencil to inject our expanding polyurethane resin.
Given our product starts as a liquid, it will follow the easiest path of resistance and then expand to its most solid state in 30-50seconds filling the void.
Once the void is full, we reinjected to improve bearing capacity of the ground below the slab, which was achieved and in turn stabilising and consolidating the slab.
This prevents any further cracking or settlement.

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