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Cracks In Chimney & Internal Walls

Residential property with cracks in the internal walls

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Resinject were engaged by the property owner to determine why they were experiencing internal cracking on their chimney and internal walls. 

On inspection, it was discovered that the property was subject to poor drainage as well as the stormwater downpipe that was dissipating straight into the ground as opposed to being connected into the stormwater system. 

This excess water had been impacting the subsoils over a long period causing the chimney and internal walls to settle.



Resinject designed an injection program for the property using our deep inground injection method, injecting our specially formulated expanding polyurethane at varying depths throughout the injection program. 

Guided via laser light precision we were able to achieve 21.5mm of lift, which had a great impact on all internal cracking. Due to the amount of closure on cracks, a very minor cosmetic repair was required and a very happy client – knowing their home was stabilised and consolidated with no further risk of cracked and damaged walls.



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