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Garage Cracked Walls

A residential garage with settlement issues causing cracked walls

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A single-storey brick veneer dwelling showing evidence of subsidence in the garage.

Resinject were engaged by the property owner to determine why their garage was suffering from cracked walls. When the site was investigated by the Resinject team, it was identified in the building plans that the dwelling was a “cut & fill” site. 

The garage of this residential dwelling was constructed on uncompacted fill, which was determined to be the route cause of the settlement issue causing cracked walls.


Resinject designed an injection program for the property using our deep inground injection method, injecting our specially formulated expanding polyurethane at varying depths throughout the injection program.

In doing this we were able to achieve 10mm of lift in the compromised area, by achieving 10mm of lift, we re-levelled the area as well as gaining significant closure on the step cracking in the garage brickwork. The project was completed within a 4 hr period and achieved a fantastic result.

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