Concrete Slab Support NSW, Coal Stackers & Reclaimers, Iron Ore Stackers & Reclaimers, Workshops, Haulage Truck Parks and Hardstands


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Resinject specialises in raising and re levelling  footings, foundations and slabs by injecting polyurethane resin into the cavities and voids. The resin expands, resulting in improved compaction of the ground strata. We lift, level and support concrete slabs, footings and foundations as well as void filling, using our resin injection technique.

We specialise in:

  • Consolidating ground under heavy equipment slabs, hardstand areas, machinery parks and sheds.
  • Re-supporting and levelling of dump truck workshops and tyre changing bays.
  • Void filling and compacting of ground strata beneath workshop areas and floors.
  • Levelling and realigning conveyor structures.
  • Re-alignment of structures e.g. coal bins, silos and material storage bins.
  • Void-filling ground around shafts.
  • Restoration of concrete roadways and access areas.
  • Re-aligning and levelling coal stackers and reclaimers.
  • Levelling and supporting iron ore stackers and reclaimers