Concrete footing and underpinning foundations for Residential Homes, Units, Buildings & Driveways

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Resinject raise and re-level concrete foundations, footings, slabs and pads of all sizes. Using our advanced resin injection and chemical underpinning techniques, we offer safe, cost effective foundation repair and slab jacking.

We specialise in:

  • Raising and re-levelling of private dwellings such as homes, unit blocks and retirement villages.
  • Raising and re-levelling of public buildings such as hospitals, schools, town halls and churches.
  • Suitable for use on heritage buildings.
  • Re-levelling of sunken floors and improvement to cracked walls.
  • Re-alignment of foundations and snapped or broken footings.
  • Re-alignment of sinking driveways and carports and void filling from washouts.
  • Stair lifting and re-levelling.
  • Levelling of concrete pathways.
  • Re-levelling of concrete pools and swimming pool surrounds.
  • Void and cavity filling of broken and fractured ground, as well as mine subsidence affected areas.