Residential Drive Way Slab Corrections

Resinject can lift, level and re support cracked concrete slabs and driveways

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By injecting polyurethane resin into voids, Resinject raises and re-levels sunken foundations and cracked concrete slabs including residential, commercial and industrial driveways. Resinject  injects polyurethane resin into the voids between the top of the ground strata and the base of the slab, footing or foundation.

Driveways can settle, crack and become uneven for a number of reasons including:

  • Poor compaction
  • Bad drainage or broken drain pipes.
  • Heavy rain not drained away from the driveways cause the soils below the slab to weaken
  • Slabs not doweled or don’t have reinforcement mesh connecting them

If these situations persist the slabs will start to move or “pump” or the slabs will subside creating dangerous trip hazards.

Resinject’s concrete slab repairs and slab lifting services include:

  • injecting polyurethane resin into voids
  • Remedial concrete crack repairs
  • Joint introduction
  • Joint rebuild and repair

This method is quick, convenient and non toxic. In addition, it ensures  minimum disruption and maximum cost effectiveness.

Resinject guarantee our resin material against any shrinkage or detioration causing any significant settlement for a period of 10 years.