Case Study Driveway

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Above is a common driveway problem – subsidence has taken place, a void has developed and caused the concrete slab to drop.

Resinject offer a quick cost effective solution to re-levelling and re-supporting of the slab.

Generally a repair to this driveway would be carried out in a matter of hours and traffic can utilise the driveway within the hour of completion.

Our method of repair is carried out by injecting polyurethane resins under the driveway, in so doing re-levelling the concrete slabs. Once the slabs are re-levelled the immediate area is re-supported to minimise the risk of any future movement.

Our system is a great deal cheaper than removing and replacing the concrete –

  • Breaking the concrete
  • Removing and paying for the old concrete at the landfill
  • Compacting the ground
  • Relaying the new concrete
  • As opposed to calling in RESINJECT and a couple of hours later the driveway is as good as new and able to be utilised at a fraction of the cost