Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to complete the job?

    Generally a job will take a day to complete. However, bigger projects may take longer.  Your project manager will discuss the time-frame of your project with you during your initial site inspection and assessment.


  • What do I have to provide once the crew arrive to do a job?

    The most important information that we would need from you is the most recent “Dial Before You Dig” report. It would also be advantageous for you to mark out with marker paint ALL your services i.e. water, gas, sewer, storm water, telephone, cable TV and irrigation.

  • Can resin injection raise a subsiding house?

    Yes – Resinject can repair, level and re-support subsiding footings and foundations. Our primary aim is to consolidate the ground and improve the load bearing capacity, therefore minimising the risk of future movement.  In “layman’s terms” – we aim to stabilise the structure.  Once the ground is consolidated, Resinject then attempt to re-level the footings as conditions allow.

  • How do you ensure the slabs are lifted to a level plane?

    On arrival the crew check the levels that were recorded on the initial assessment. Laser equipment is used to ensure levels are measured to the nearest millimetre. Close monitoring during the lifting and supporting process ensures correct levels can be achieved.

  • Will the cracks in my walls be eliminated?

    The crew will tape up all cracks to monitor movement. Our first aim at Resinject is to minimise further movement of the structure by consolidating and improving the ground bearing capacity. To confirm consolidation we need to get 1-3 mm lift only. Once this is achieved we then attempt to return/rotate the structure as close as possible to its original levels. Often this can close cracks up, but other cracks may well appear. We aim to keep your cosmetic work to a minimum, rendering and plaster work may be required once we have completed our work.