Bridge approach slabs, Runways, Culverts and Pipelines

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Resinject specialises in re-supporting footings and foundations by injecting resin into voids between the top of the ground strata and the base of the slab footing or foundation. Through chemical underpinning, we lift, level and support concrete slabs, footings and foundations as well as void filling.

Resinject carry out many varied Civil applications such as bridge approach slabs, runways, culverts and pipelines.

We specialise in:

  • Consolidating and re-aligning rail track footings.
  • Re-levelling of airport runways and hardstands.
  • Re-aligning road anchors and re-levelling approach slabs to bridges.
  • Removing dishing to avoid pooling of water and trip hazards.
  • Re-aligning concrete road and highway surfaces.
  • Sealing joints around culvert pipes to prevent water ingress.
  • Re-levelling of public walkways and removal of trip hazards.