Commercial or Industrial

Chemical underpinning and slab jacking to re-leveling Factories, Warehouses, Storage Facilities and Workshops


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Resinject raise and re-level floors in factories, as well as strip footings. Our resin injection techniques can also minimise your liability by efficiently repairing uneven concrete pathways and broken factory floors. Chemical underpinning and slab jacking can assist with levelling heavy machinery areas.

We specialise in:

  • Re-levelling of floors in factories, warehouses, storage facilities and workshops.
  • Removal of dishes in concrete to lessen wear and tear on forklifts and machinery.
  • Minimising OH&S issues of pooling water and trip hazards in shopping centres and other public areas.
  • Improving hardstand areas where heavy machinery is situated.
  • Re-supporting the forecourts and high traffic areas of service stations, driveways and truck/car parks.
  • Re-levelling of concrete driveways and car parks.
  • Re-levelling walkways, removing trip hazards and filling voids from washouts.
  • Levelling and re-aligning of concrete pads and slabs.